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My name is Adrian and I live in Bucharest,Romania.
I'm a railway fan and I even have 2 electric trains at the H0 scale :)
Next week I'll be in Zagreb in a trip so I,m interested in buying some electric trains from Zagreb and I will also be happy to see some croatian trains. I also know that some engines used by CFR (the romanian railway company) were made in Croatia at Rade Koncar so I'm interested to know more about trains and railway fans in Croatia.

Greeting ,Adrian


Osoblje foruma
Hello and welcome to

I hope that some more experience members will give you all informations that you need...


Hi Adrian!
Welcome to the forum.

Some basic things for your visit to Zagreb:

Railway model club "Zagreb" or as we call it KŽMZ ( ) is in Ilica street one tram station from the main square (Trg bana Jelačića), open every Tuesday from 19 until 21 or 22.h for visitors and members. Almost evers Saturday there is a "working afternoon" from approx 16:00 until 19:00 for members (you may try to visit if someone is working there)You will be more than welcomed to visit us, some members are fluent in English and German.

BTW, if you stay long enough, maybe you can visit club's exhibition and flea-market that will be held on 10.05.2008 from 10:00 till 18:00 not too far away from the main train station (10-15 minutes walk)
How to get there:

Shop is only one at the moment, with not so many things on the shelves, but some JŽ and HŽ or SŽ models of Gbs wagons and one couchette coach may be found (mainly Roco, Heris etc.)

See some offering here:
Address is: Zagrebačka 137 (a 15-20 minutes walk from the Črnomerec tramway and bus terminal, 10 minutes by bus) It is possible to reach the shop with the commuter train, station is "Kustošija" 10 minute walk to the shop.
Map of the location: ... nas%20.jpg

Regarding trainspotting, the best locations are the Main train station (Glavni kolodvor) and west train station (Zapadni kolodvor, 10-15min by tram from main station) and all the places along the main corridor tracks. Although takeing pictures is forbidden, it can be photographed without mayor problems.
On the stations one can find a variety of DMU and EMU, diesel and electric locos and different rolling stock.

For more informations regarding real stuff see excellent Croatian forum, there is also a sub-forum for foreign users (English, German, Franch and possibly Italian language spoken)

Hope this helps ;)
Have a nice stay in Zagreb and lots of fun,
cheers mate!


Thanks for your well come!

Unfortunately I don't know if I arrive in Zagreb Tuesday or Wednesday.
Although I'll try to find that shop and to buy something and I'll surely visit the train stations of the city!

Best whishes!


You may find tram network also interesting, especially around main train station as at the moment one can see 5-6 different types of trams including the newest and the oldest ones!

Croatian Railway Museum or Hrvatski željeznički muzej (HŽM) is not open to the public as such, but you may enter and have a guide if contacted in advance (free entrance, just show a good will :) ). Usually they are working from 7:00 till 15:00 (best time from 9 till 14) on working days, Mo-Fri! Nice selection of preserved steamers (including JŽ/JDŽ class 11 from former YU president Tito's Blue Train), some diesels and electrics including a few wagons, signals and draisines!
You may contact them via e-mail:

It is on the other side of the main station tracks, 10-15 minute walk
Adress is : Avenija Vukovar BB (or Vukovarska BB) after "Lisinski" concert hall to the east , parallel with train and tram tracks, approx 500m.

Have fun!


Thank you very very much for your information.I hope I will have enough time to see everything.
I saw that you have some Mercedes Citaro buses.In Bucharest we have both the old model (bought in 2006) and some new Citaro's recently bought :D so our cities have some common points :D


You may see different types of city-busses at the Črnomerec terminal (including bio-fuel version)
For liners you mayvisit main bus station (3 tram stations or 20 min. walk from the main railway station)

Now, I think that you are fully ready... off you go! :D

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