Roco # 46594 – Is this a proper JŽ-model or not?


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Since I’m a new member, with certain language flaws, I thought it was better to try to post this here instead in any of the regular sections. I’ve already got some input from mon, but believe that perhaps there is a chance that someone else has heard about this particular car.

The query at hand is as follows. I’m always on the lookout for potential JŽ-models. Late last year I found a second hand Roco wagon at a Christmas fair, it was an HbiS-Z freight car with the item number 46594. On the box it stated that it was a SŽ-model, but on the model itself the letters displayed JŽ as is shown at the photos below. When I later on examined the model better, I did get somewhat puzzled since the UIC RIV-code was 79 which are correct for SŽ while it should have been 72 for JŽ as far as I know. Nonetheless, the markings seem to be original so does anyone know if this perhaps could be a special production run and not a regular 46594?

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In an earlier mail mon suggested that the markings could have been altered by a previous owner and it’s certainly the most plausible explanation, but I tried passing a finger over the signboard, and the surface was very smooth. It doesn’t look like the markings have been tampered with, and there was nothing that stood out or was raised from the surface in any way. It really looks like a regular and professionally performed pad printing and not something that had been added by a previous owner in a more crude fashion. If this isn't done by Roco, then it must be made according to similar specifications still. The strange thing however, is that the RIV-code hasn’t been changed, only the company abbreviation. Hence, I’m still a bit confused. I’ve found pictures of the same model on the Internet, and on these pictures it shows that the markings on the model have been properly done for SŽ. The model is also more correct for era V as well, while a JŽ-model would be more appropriately set in era IV.

As stated, I must ask if anybody knows anything about this particular model, and is this designation correct, i.e. have Roco made a mistake somewhere or is this just a very professionally performed modification? Quite many of the European manufacturers nowadays come up with some unannounced specials on occasion, so I still suspect that it could be something like that as well. In this case, since the model turned up at a fair in Stockholm which still is relatively far away from the Balkans, the appearance of the model struck me as fairly strange. Thus my wonderings if anyone knew if perhaps Roco had made a slight slip up or not? The real reason I asked was mostly out of curiosity though. I’ve also tried mailing Roco themselves when I discovered the model, but I haven’t got any response from them.


Perhaps this posting should have been in the section for Domaći modeli, but since it was written in English I though it was better to start here. Accordingly, I do trust that the administrator will move it if necessary. ;)

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Coppaz, just as Thommo, I know of this SŽ model, but I don't own one, and I have never payed any attention to that small detail you suggest here. Unfortunately, I can't help either, but we have couple of Slovenian forum members, and I believe they will be able to clear this suspicions. I bet Gorchi will give a good answer, but somehow I think that might be the transition period car. :??:



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As far as I can see the only thing that's wrong on this model is that it is marked as JZ while all the rest belongs to SZ. JZ never had UIC numeration 79, onlu 72. The number UIC 79 belongs to Slovenia. It is propably a mistake of the manifacturer.


Član foruma

Thanks for the input gentlemen. The most likely explanation is of course that it’s some kind of alteration, fake or mistake. On the other hand, since the text is pad printed and not on a sticker, it’s also plausible that Roco did use interchangeable lettering pads as well as the model could depict a car from the transition period when it has the UIC code (79) for Slovenia and not the code (72) for Yugoslavia. The thing is that I knew about the SŽ model, so that’s why i was so surprised when I first saw the printing on this particular model. Perhaps our Slovenian forum members know anything more about it.

Since one never knows, and I’ve got quite a vivid imagination, it shouldn’t be any problem finding either use or excuse for the wagon on a layout. For example, the Greek State Railways (Οργανισμός Σιδηροδρόμων Ελλάδος or Ο.Σ.Ε) did have quite many refrigerator trains passing former Yugoslavia, and most probably did the JŽ add freight cars to these trains. Due to different voltage, the engines were switched when the trains continued into Austria. The ÖBB Rh 1043 was then one type of engine that very often was used to haul these trains, and since that particular model also did find its way into my model roster, it can be used with the JŽ wagon regardless of the authenticity of the latter model.

// Nikola

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